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  1. "Approximating the Community Structure of the Long Tail" Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media (ICWSM 2008)
  2. "Semantic-Linked Bayesian Networks: A Framework for Bayesian Network Mapping"
  3. "Belief Update in Bayesian Networks Using Uncertain Evidence" Proceedings of the 18th IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence (ICTAI 2006)
  4. "Learning the Semantic Meaning of a Concept from the Web" Proceedings of the 20th Conference of the Canadian Society for Computational Studies of Intelligence
  5. "Utilizing Semantic Policies for Secure BGP Route Dissemination"
  6. "Streaming Knowledge Bases"
  7. "Web 2.0 Mining: Analyzing Social Media" Proceedings of the NSF Symposium on Next Generation of Data Mining and Cyber-Enabled Discovery for Innovation
  8. "Detecting Spam Blogs: An Adaptive Online Approach" Ph.D. Dissertation
  9. "RDF123 and Spotter: Tools for generating OWL and RDF for biodiversity data in spreadsheets and unstructured text" Proceedings of Biodiversity Information Standards Annual Conference (TDWG 2007)
  10. "The Information ecology of social media and online communities" AI Magazine
  11. "On Modeling Trust in Social Media using Link Polarity"
  12. "Using a Natural Language Understanding System to Generate Semantic Web Content" International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems
  13. "RDF123: a mechanism to transform spreadsheets to RDF"
  14. "Why We Twitter: Understanding Microblogging Usage and Communities" Procedings of the Joint 9th WEBKDD and 1st SNA-KDD Workshop 2007
  15. "Blogvox2: A Modular Domain Independent Sentiment Analysis System"
  16. "Adding Semantics to Social Websites for Citizen Science" Proceedings of the Workshop on Semantic e-Science (AAAI 07)
  17. "Threshold-based Intrusion Detection in Ad Hoc Networks and Secure AODV" Ad Hoc Networks Journal (ADHOCNET)
  18. "Generative Model To Construct Blog and Post Networks In Blogosphere"
  19. "Spam in Blogs and Social Media, Tutorial " ICWSM 2007
  20. "A Pervasive Computing System for the Operating Room of the Future" Mobile Networks and Applications
  21. "Modeling Trust and Influence in Blogosphere using Link Polarity"
  22. "A Framework for Modeling Influence, Opinions and Structure in Social Media" 22nd Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 2007)
  23. "Using Location Information for Scheduling in 802.15.3 MAC" 2nd International Conference on Broadband Networks (BROADNETS 2005)
  24. "Utilizing Semantic Tags for Policy Based Networking" IEEE Globecom 2007 Internet Protocol Symposium
  25. "Content and Context Aware Networking Using Semantic Tagging" International Workshop on Semantics enabled Networks and Services
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