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  1. "Search Engines for Semantic Web Knowledge" Proceedings of XTech 2006: Building Web 2.0
  2. "Integrating Ecoinformatics Resources on the Semantic Web" Proceedings of the 15th International World Wide Web Conference
  3. "Automated Fact Repository Construction through Ontology Filtering and Natural Language Processing"
  4. "SemNews: A Semantic News Framework" Proceedings of the Twenty-First National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-06)
  5. "Modeling the Spread of Influence on the Blogosphere" UMBC TR-CS-06-03
  6. "Characterizing the Splogosphere" Proceedings of the 3rd Annual Workshop on Weblogging Ecosystem: Aggregation, Analysis and Dynamics, 15th World Wid Web Conference
  7. "Policy Management of Enterprise Systems: A Requirements Study" TR-CS-06-02
  8. "Trust in Pervasive Computing" The Handbook of Mobile Middleware
  9. "Detecting Spam Blogs: A Machine Learning Approach" Proceedings of the 21st National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 2006)
  10. "Memeta: A Framework for Multi-Relational Analytics on the Blogosphere" AAAI 2006 Student Abstract Program
  11. "Integrating service discovery with routing and session management for ad-hoc networks" Ad Hoc Networks
  12. "sTuples: Semantic Tuple Spaces" First Annual International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems: Networking and Services (MobiQuitous’04)
  13. "Predictive Mining of Time Series Data in Astronomy" Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XII ASP Conference Series
  14. "UMBC at TREC 12" Proceedings of the Twelfth Text Retrieval Conference
  15. "Enabling Technology for Knowledge Sharing" AI Magazine
  16. "Toward Intelligent Integrated Manufacturing Planning-Execution" The International Journal of Agile Manufacturing
  17. "Modeling the user in natural language systems" Computational Linguistics
  18. "An Expert System that Volunteers Advice" Proc. Second Annual National Conf. on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-82)
  19. "The Semantic Interpretation of Nominal Compounds" Proceedings of the First Annual National Conf. on Artificial Intelligence
  20. "Semantic Analytics on Social Networks: Experiences in Addressing the Problem of Conflict of Interest Detection" Proceedings of the 15th International World Wide Web Conference,
  21. "A Bayesian network based framework for multi-criteria decision making" Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis
  22. "XPod a human activity and emotion aware mobile music player" Proceedings of the International Conference on Mobile Technology, Applications and Systems
  23. "Policy Management of Enterprise Systems: A Requirements Study" Proceedings of the IEEE Workshop on Policies for Distributed Systems and Networks
  24. "BayesOWL: A Probabilistic Framework for Semantic Web"
  25. "View-Concepts: Knowledge-Based Access to Databases" Proceedings of the First Int. Conf. on Information and Knowledge Management
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