RDF123: a mechanism to transform spreadsheets to RDF

Authors: , Cynthia Parr, Joel Sachs, Anupam Joshi

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Abstract: <img src="http://ebiquity.umbc.edu/projectIcons/82.gif" width="100" height="100" align="right"> We describe RDF123, a highly flexible open-source tool for transforming spreadsheet data to RDF. Existing spreadsheet-to-RDF tools typically map only to star-shaped RDF graphs, i.e. each spreadsheet row is an instance, with each column representing a property. RDF123, on the other hand, allows users to define mappings to arbitrary graphs, thus allowing much richer spreadsheet semantics to be expressed. Further, each row in the spreadsheet can be mapped with a different RDF/OWL scheme. Two interfaces are available. The first is a graphical interface that allows users to create their mapping in an intuitive manner. The second is a Web service that takes as input URLs to a Google spreadsheet or CSV file and an RDF123 map, and provides RDF as output.

Type: TechReport

Tags: data, rdf, semantic web, spreadsheets

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