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  1. "Service Discovery in The Future for Mobile Commerce" ACM Crossroads
  2. "Service Discovery in the Future Electronic Market" Workshop on Knowledge-based Electronic Markets, AAAI-2000
  3. "Dynamic Service Discovery for Mobile Computing: Intelligent Agents Meet Jini in the Aether" Baltzer Science Journal on Cluster Computing
  4. "Creating Context-Aware Software Agents" First GSFC/JPL Workshop on Radical Agent Concepts
  5. "Beyond Distributed AI, Agent Teamwork in Ubiquitous Computing" Workshop on Ubiquitous Agents on Embedded, Wearable, and Mobile Devices, AAMAS-2002
  6. "An Intelligent Broker Architecture for Context-Aware Systems" PhD Dissertation Proposal
  7. "Using OWL in a Pervasive Computing Broker" Workshop on Ontologies in Agent Systems, AAMAS-2003
  8. "An Intelligent Broker for Context-Aware Systems" Adjunct Proceedings of Ubicomp 2003
  9. "Semantic Web in a Pervasive Context-Aware Architecture" Artificial Intelligence in Mobile System 2003
  10. "Semantic Tuple Spaces: A Coordination Infrastructure in Mobile Environments" Proceedings of the Second International Semantic Web Conference
  11. "Allia: Alliance-based Service Discovery for Ad-Hoc Environments" ACM Mobile Commerce Workshop
  12. "Combining Infrastructure and Ad hoc Collaboration For Data Management in Mobile Wireless Networks" Workshop on Ad hoc Communications and Collaboration in Ubiquitous Computing Environments
  13. "Using Peer-to-Peer Data Routing for Infrastructure-based Wireless Networks " First IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications
  14. "eNcentive: A Framework for Intelligent Marketing in Mobile Peer-To-Peer Environments" The 5th International Conference on Electronic Commerce (ICEC 2003)
  15. "A Perspective on the Scalability of MPLS Signaling"
  16. "Secure Sensor Networks for Perimeter Protection" Computer Networks
  17. "On Web, Semantics, and Data Mining: Intrusion Detection as a Case Study" Proceedings of the NSF Workshop on Next Generation Data Mining
  18. "Fuzzy Clustering for Intrusion Detection" Proceedings of the 12th IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems
  19. "Data Mining, Semantics and Intrusion Detection: What to dig for and Where to find it" Next Generation Data Mining
  20. "Hidden Processes: The Implication for Intrusion Detection" Proceedings of the IEEE International Workshop on Information Assurance
  21. "Modeling Computer Attacks: An Ontology for Intrusion Detection" The Sixth International Symposium on Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection
  22. "A Target-Centric Ontology for Intrusion Detection" The 18th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
  23. "Using DAML+ OIL to classify intrusive behaviours" Knowledge Engineering Review
  24. "An Ontology for Context-Aware Pervasive Computing Environments" Special Issue on Ontologies for Distributed Systems, Knowledge Engineering Review
  25. "Query Routing and Processing in Mobile Ad-Hoc Environments"
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