Author: Olga Ratsimor
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  1. "Opportunistic Bartering of Digital Goods and Services in Pervasive Environments"
  2. "Utilizing Semantic Tags for Policy Based Networking" IEEE Globecom 2007 Internet Protocol Symposium
  3. "Service Discovery in Agent-based in Pervasive Computing Environments" Journal on Mobile Networking and Applications
  4. "Information Agents for Mobile and Embedded Devices" Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop Cooperative Information Agents
  5. "Numi: A Framework for Collaborative Data Management in a Network of InfoStations" UMBC SRC
  6. "Agents2Go: An Infrastructure for Location-Dependent Service Discovery in the Mobile Electronic Commerce Environment" ACM Mobile Commerce Workshop
  7. "Allia: Alliance-based Service Discovery for Ad-Hoc Environments" ACM Mobile Commerce Workshop
  8. "Combining Infrastructure and Ad hoc Collaboration For Data Management in Mobile Wireless Networks" Workshop on Ad hoc Communications and Collaboration in Ubiquitous Computing Environments
  9. "Using Peer-to-Peer Data Routing for Infrastructure-based Wireless Networks " First IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications
  10. "eNcentive: A Framework for Intelligent Marketing in Mobile Peer-To-Peer Environments" The 5th International Conference on Electronic Commerce (ICEC 2003)
  11. "Intelligent Agents for Mobile and Embedded Devices" International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems

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