Author: Sasikanth Avancha
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  1. "Using Ontologies in the Semantic Web: A Survey" TR-CS-05-07
  2. "Using Ontologies in the Semantic Web: A Survey" Ontologies in the Context of Information Systems
  3. "A Holistic Approach to Secure Sensor Networks"
  4. "Ontology-driven Adaptive Sensor Networks" MobiQuitous 2004
  5. "An Approach to Dynamic Service Management in Pervasive Computing" Proceedings of the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing
  6. "Security for Sensor Networks" Wireless Sensor Networks
  7. "Fast and Efficient Handoff Scheme using Forwarding Pointers and Heirarchical Foreign Agents " Proc. Conference on Design and Modeling of Wireless Networks, ITCom
  8. "P2P M-Commerce in Pervasive Environments" ACM SIGecom Exchanges
  9. "Enhanced Service Discovery in Bluetooth" IEEE Computer
  10. "On Experiments with a Transport Protocol for Pervasive Computing Environments" Computer Networks
  11. "Centaurus : An Infrastructure for Service Management in Ubiquitous Computing" ACM Wireless Networks Journal
  12. "Transport Protocols in Wireless Networks" IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks
  13. "Design and Evaluation of a Common Access Point for Bluetooth, 802.11 and Wired LANs" Proc. International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications
  14. "Secure Sensor Networks for Perimeter Protection" Computer Networks
  15. "Query Routing and Processing in Mobile Ad-Hoc Environments"
  16. "DReggie: Semantic Service Discovery for M-Commerce Applications" Workshop on Reliable and Secure Applications in Mobile Environment, In Conjunction with 20th Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems (SRDS)
  17. "An Agent Discovery Architecture Using Ronin and DReggie" First GSFC/JPL Workshop on Radical Agent Concepts (WRAC)
  18. "Issues in Data Management for Pervasive Environments" NSF Workshop on Context-Aware Mobile Database Management
  19. "Intelligent Agents for Mobile and Embedded Devices" International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems
  20. "Profile Driven Data Management for Pervasive Environments" 13th International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications (DEXA 2002)
  21. "Data and Services for Mobile Computing" Handbook of Internet Computing

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