Author: Varish Mulwad
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  1. "Interpreting Medical Tables as Linked Data to Generate Meta-Analysis Reports" Proceedings of the 15th IEEE International Conference on Information Reuse and Integration
  2. "Automatically Generating Government Linked Data from Tables" Working notes of AAAI Fall Symposium on Open Government Knowledge: AI Opportunities and Challenges
  3. "DC Proposal: Graphical Models and Probabilistic Reasoning for Generating Linked Data from Tables" Proceedings of Tenth International Semantic Web Conference, Part II
  4. "Generating Linked Data by Inferring the Semantics of Tables" Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Searching and Integrating New Web Data Sources
  5. "Extracting Information about Security Vulnerabilities from Web Text" Proceedings of the Web Intelligence for Information Security Workshop
  6. "Using linked data to interpret tables" Proceedings of the the First International Workshop on Consuming Linked Data
  7. "T2LD: Interpreting and Representing Tables as Linked Data " Proceedings of the Poster and Demonstration Session at the 9th International Semantic Web Conference, CEUR Workshop Proceedings
  8. "T2LD - An automatic framework for extracting, interpreting and representing tables as Linked Data"
  9. "Exploiting a Web of Semantic Data for Interpreting Tables" Proceedings of the Second Web Science Conference

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