Creating and Exploiting a Hybrid Knowledge Base for Linked Data

Authors: , Tim Finin

Book Title: Agents and Artificial Intelligence


Abstract: Twenty years ago Tim Berners-Lee proposed a distributed hypertext system based on standard Internet protocols. The Web that resulted fundamentally changed the ways we share information and services, both on the public Internet and within organizations. That original proposal contained the seeds of another effort that has not yet fully blossomed: a Semantic Web designed to enable computer programs to share and understand structured and semi-structured information easily. We will review the evolution of the idea and technologies to realize a Web of Data and describe how we are exploiting them to enhance information retrieval and information extraction. A key resource in our work is Wikitology, a hybrid knowledge base of structured and unstructured information extracted from Wikipedia.

Type: InBook

Tags: information extraction, knowledge base, linked data, semantic web, wikipedia

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