CARE-CPS: Context-Aware tRust Evaluation for Wireless Networks in Cyber-Physical System Using Policies

Authors: , Pramod Jagtap, Laura Zavala, Anupam Joshi, Tim Finin

Book Title: Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Policies for Distributed Systems and Networks


Abstract: A Cyber-Physical System (CPS) involves a tight coupling between the physical and computational elements. Security is a key challenge for the deployment of CPS. Therefore, it is highly desirable to extract correct information from a large volume of noisy data and properly evaluate the reputation of reporting devices in CPS. In this paper, we propose a Context-Aware tRust Evaluation scheme for wireless networks in CPS (CARE-CPS), and a set of policy rules are declared to accurately describe how we determine the reputation of each reporting device based on these factors. To validate the CARE-CPS scheme, we have conducted experiments in terms of both simulation and real deployment on smart phones. Experimental results show that the CARE-CPS scheme can properly evaluate the trustworthiness of the report devices in CPS.

Type: InProceedings

Tags: context-awareness, cyber security, cyber-physical systems, policy, security, trust

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