Predicting Appropriate Semantic Web Terms from Words

Authors: , Tim Finin

Book Title: Proceedings of the Twenty-Third AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence


Abstract: The Semantic Web language RDF was designed to unambiguously define and use ontologies to encode data and knowledge on the Web. Many people find it difficult, however, to write complex RDF statements and queries because doing so requires familiarity with the appropriate ontologies and the terms they define. We describe a system that suggests appropriate RDF terms given semantically related English words and general domain and context information. We use the Swoogle Semantic Web search engine to provide RDF term and namespace statistics, the WordNet lexical ontology to find semantically related words, and a naive Bayes classifier to suggest terms. A customized graph data structure of related namespaces is constructed from Swoogle's database to speed up the classifier model learning and prediction time.

Type: InProceedings

Tags: lexical knowledge, semantic web

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