Intelligent Agents Meet the Semantic Web in Smart Spaces

Authors: , Tim Finin, Anupam Joshi, Filip Perich, Dipanjan Chakraborty, Lalana Kagal

Book Title: IEEE Internet Computing


Abstract: We describe a smart meeting room system called EasyMeeting that explores the use of multi-agent systems, Semantic Web ontologies, reasoning, and declarative policies for security and privacy. Building on a earlier pervasive computing system, EasyMeeting provides relevant services and information to meeting participants based on their situational needs. Our system exploits the context-aware support provided by the Context Broker Architecture (Cobra). Cobra's intelligent broker agent maintains a shared context model for all computing entities in the space and enforces user-defined privacy policies. We also describe the use of Cobra ontologies, logical reasoning, and privacy protection mechanisms, and discuss feedback collected from users during demonstrations. <p/> This digital document is posted with the IEEE's permission.

Type: Article

Tags: agent, context, owl, pervasive computing, semantic web

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